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Be A Skilled Teacher: Additional Competencies for A Teacher


You can’t be a teacher without some kind of subject or skill-related qualification. Either you need a diploma in teaching or you need a degree in the relevant subject. But with so many people having the same qualifications as you, how can you stand out? The following skills will not only give you an edge in the competitive job market, it will also make you a better teacher with more competencies:
Special Education Teaching
Teaching small children is hard enough; teaching children with special needs is even more difficult, but also more rewarding.There are specialty courses designed to train teachers for special education teaching, where focus is less on achieving marks for a test, but focusing on individual capabilities and strengths. Special education requires a lot of patience and hard work, and sometimes has no discernible progress; therefore teachers who have experience in or have been exposed to special education methods in any capacity are highly valued.
First Aid or Medical Care
Small children are prone to accident thanks to their boundless energy; therefore first aid course in Melbourne is essential for any teacher. First aid is more than knowing how to smear iodine solution on a wound. Children may dislocate an arm, in which case the teachers should be trained to sling it or bind it firmly before taking them to a hospital. Children may also be anaphylactic, in which case teachers should have at least taken an anaphylaxis online training.
There are all sorts of accidents, injuries and illnesses that children face suddenly and a teacher who is equipped to deal with these is very highly regarded. This is especially so in the case of an anaphylactic shock – an anaphylaxis training service will teach you how to use an EpiPen or ease breathing.
Extra-Curricular Activity
It can be a sport or it can be an aesthetic skill. Either way, teachers who are skilled at more than the classroom have a better understanding of how to manage teams and groups, so a class will be no challenge. They will also have more influence within the school if they are involved in more than one aspect of teaching. Volunteer to help the sports coach if you play a sport; help the music teacher organize a choir if you can and have sung before; put on a play with some children and a few teachers helping; coach a team that needs it. Merely doing what you signed up for will not make for a fulfilling teaching experience. Put yourself out there are dare to care with something outside of the classroom.